Mold ​Removal and Remediation ​in Southern Maryland

​Getting rid of black mold in Southern Maryland used to be a nightmare. Days of demolition. And the price? You could buy a new car with what you'd shell out. Not with Puricleanse. Our patented dry fog technology removes black mold spores without demolition, without the steep cost-and even better-it happens in hours, not days. It's time to take action against the hazards black mold poses to your health and your home's value. Discover how you can be mold-free today-with Puricleanse.

​​Puricleanse Removes Mold all across Southern Maryland, Including:

  • St. Mary’s County
  • ​Charles County
  • ​Calvert County
  • ​Waldorf
  • ​LaPlata
  • ​White Plains
  • ​Lusby
  • ​Prince Frederick
  • ​California
  • ​Lexington Park
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    ​We ​give you your time back.

​With traditional mold remediation methods, the process can last for weeks. With our demolition-free dry fog treatment, we can kill mold quickly-often within four to six hours. When you come back home, you'll have a mold-free home. You won't even have to clean up after us.
Unless we're extremely busy, we can have a mobile unit out to your home or business within 24 hours. We know you want to get rid unhealthy black mold as soon as possible.

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    ​​We get rid of your mold problem for a lot less.

​Since conventional black mold treatments depend on extensive demolition, your treatment could run in the tens of thousands. It's not just the demolition-it's the restoration work-that runs up your costs. With us, we can usually get rid of all your mold for $2,500 or less. You'll save thousands to spend on renovations you really want.

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    ​​We get rid of all the mold the first time.

​Traditional methods to get rid of black mold don't work as well as our dry fog process. No matter how much demolition you do-even taking a building down to the studs, you can still have patches of mold hidden in corners, crawl spaces, or air ducts. Those patches multiply-and soon you're left with the same problem you had before-only with a huge bill to pay. Dry fog, on the other hand, gets into every corner, every air duct, every empty space to kill off black mold, bacteria, and viruses. After we're done, your home or business will pass any mold test you need to take. That's not all. We offer a warranty that guarantees you 100% satisfaction, as long as you've resolved any water issues that caused the problem in the first place.

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    ​​We're the best choice for homeowners

​​It's devastating when you learn you have black mold in your home. When you go online to check prices for conventional mold treatments, you realize that it will take a good chunk of your life's savings to get rid of it. If your insurance won't cover it, mold treatment can become a financial disaster. At Puricleanse, though, we can kill all the mold in your home for $2,500 or less.

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    ​​We're real estate agents' number-one choice

​​When a real estate agent learns that a home has mold, he or she dreads telling the clients. Usually, that discovery kills any potential sales. But not with us. When our real estate clients need mold out of their properties, we can get all the mold out of the home in fewer than 12 hours-and for a price that buyers and sellers will gladly pay.

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    ​​We're healthcare professional's first-line defense against mold.

​​When healthcare providers discover mold-borne illnesses in their patients, they immediately recommend mold remediation. Mold-borne illnesses range from minor annoyances to severe, life-threatening situations for those with existing respiratory illnesses or allergies. Since our service can rid a home of all traces of mold within hours, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals recommend us to help their patients achieve better health.


​​Use the power of our patented two-step dry fog technology to cleanse your home.

​Registered by the EPA, our mold-killing solutions hurt no one but molds, bacteria, and viruses. Since they won't harm you or your pets, you can return to your home or office within hours.

​​STEP 1: We first apply an EPA-approved sterilant called InstaPURE. This powerful disinfectant kills every mold spore, fungus, bacterium, or virus it touches. With microscopic particles, InstaPURE can get into every crack, crevice, or any other hiding place without harming your furnishings, your food, your pets, or you.

​​STEP 2: After we kill all the mold, bacteria, and viruses in your home or office, we apply a microbiological barrier that will prevent mold growth in the future. Called EverPURE, this advanced treatment can provide mold protection for the long term-which means we alone can provide you with what no other mold remediation company can-a warranty.

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