The Origins of PuriCleanse and Pure Maintenance

We get a lot of questions about PuriCleanse. Wondering how Maryland’s only demolition-free mold removal and home purification company came to be? Here’s our story!

About PuriCleanse in Maryland

Before our founder, Ryan Vertucci, started PuriCleanse, he owned a property management company. After a few years in the business, he noticed that many rental properties had the same problem: mold. Like any good property manager, Ryan tried to make sure the problem was solved right away. However, the mold kept returning, and this turned out to be a very costly and time-consuming problem for Ryan and his property management company.

Due to the mold in the rental units, tenants would often have to move out while the problem was being treated. Landlords would have to call insurance companies, they’d have to undergo demolition and rebuilding, and the mold remediation service was expensive and didn’t last. It was a major problem across the board. Having had enough of the mold removal issue, Ryan decided to do his own research online to see what he could find. That’s when he stumbled upon Pure Maintenance.

About Pure Maintenance National Organization

Discovering Pure Maintenance turned out to be a game changer for Ryan. When he saw the company’s ability to do demolition-free mold removal using dry fog technology, Ryan knew that this was an opportunity that he had to take advantage of. He partnered with Pure Maintenance to start Puricleanse, Maryland’s only demolition-free mold removal company.

Now, Pure Maintenance is the parent company to Puricleanse. Having been around for about 15 years, Pure Maintenance has extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to mold remediation. Today, they license the technology to Puricleanse and make sure employees have certifications, knowledge, and training to make sure mold is being fully removed from properties.

With the expertise of Pure Maintenance, Ryan has made Puricleanse the go-to service for mold removal and remediation services in Maryland. Not only has his business been great for helping regular families keep their homes safe and healthy, but it’s also helped him with his property management business in the sense that he can make sure his own tenants have mold-free environments. Not to mention, he and other property managers and homeowners in the area are saving time, money, and hassle with Pure Maintenance’s advanced mold remediation technology!

Learn More About Maryland Mold Remediation with PuriCleanse

If you have more questions about PuriCleanse and Pure Maintenance, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help with any Mold or Home Purification Needs.