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​With today’s technology, a positive mold test isn’t the death knell for your life’s savings. Although black mold causes serious illnesses and causes your property to plummet in value, there’s a solution—dry fog technology. With this patented method, we can rid your office or home of mold within hours—not weeks. And best of all, you won’t have to throw your kid’s college education under the bus. Our method is way more affordable than all the others.

​Puricleanse Provides Mold Removal for all Baltimore County, Including:

  • ​Towson
  • ​White Marsh
  • ​Cockeysville
  • ​Catonsville
  • ​Owings Mills
  • ​Essex
  • ​Perry Hall
  • ​Middle River
  • ​Dundalk
  • ​Pikesville

​How Can You Get Rid of Mold with No Demolition?

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    Welcome to fast mold treatment that won’t set your life in a tailspin.

With traditional black mold remediation, you can count on spending weeks in a hotel. Businesses have to cease production for weeks. Not with our dry fog treatment. We can treat your office or home within four to six hours so you’ll have little to no interruption to your daily routine.

Usually, we can send a mobile unit to your site within 24 hours. We know that once you discover mold, you want it gone fast.

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    ​We save you a lot of money.

​Since conventional mold treatment requires extensive demolition—and subsequent restoration—it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. With dry fogging, we can get rid of mold completely for $2,500 or less. That’s huge savings you can put toward your children’s education, home improvements you really want, or an upgrade for your business.

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    ​Our method is the most effective on the market today.

​Traditional mold removal methods tear up your home, using air purifiers and other conventional treatments to try to remove all the mold. But the sad truth is—these methods can’t reach into the deep spaces in your home or business, such as your attic, crawl space, and air ducts. With our dry fog treatment, we reach into all those hidden spaces with no demolition. Even airborne spores are banished, leaving you with a pure, clean home or office. And, that’s not all. Our method kills not only mold, but also viruses and bacteria, making your business or home a healthier place. Not only will you pass a mold test when we finish, but we also provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so long as you’ve fixed all the water issues that caused the problem.

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    ​​​A Homeowner’s Nightmare Becomes a Dream Come True.

​Discovering that your home has black mold is a nightmare. But unlike most nightmares, this dream can have a happy ending. Though conventional mold treatments—at nearly $20,000 each—can decimate your life’s savings, our dry fog treatment can rid your home of mold for less than $2,500. Protect your home from this huge health hazard for less with Puricleanse.

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    For Real Estate Agents

​You’re all ready to close the deal. Then, the inspector calls with the bad news: Your clients’ home has black mold. Yet, unlike your competitors, you don’t panic. You call us. Within 12 hours, we can be out to your clients’ home or business property, eradicate all the mold—and fix it. All for less than $2,500.

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    ​ For Healthcare Professionals

​You’ve tested your patients for practically everything. You’ve concluded that their health issues might be mold-related. When you mentioned that to them, they panicked. They know how much mold treatment costs. Now you can deliver good news along with the bad. Even though they have a mold-related illness, they can rid themselves of the cause within hours. Talk about a miracle cure! Give your patients a better quality of life for less with our easy, fast mold removal.


​The secret’s in our two-step patented dry fog technology.

​Approved by the EPA, our dry fog solution is non-toxic to both humans and pets. After we finish, you can be back in your home or office within hours.

STEP 1: After we arrive, we disperse our powerful sterilant, InstaPURE. This EPA-registered sterilant kills every mold spore, fungus, bacterium or virus it encounters—even those in the tiniest cracks and crevices in your home. You won’t even have to cover your furniture or your food. Although it’s 100% fatal to mold, it’s safe for your home’s most delicate surfaces—and it’s even FDA-approved for contact with food.

STEP 2: After we kill all the mold in your office or home, we apply EverPURE, a powerful microbiological barrier that prevents future mold growth. With this advanced solution, we can provide such superb long-term protection that we can give you a warranty as no other mold removal company can.

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