Baltimore Maryland Disinfection Service Pricing

Home disinfection is a task that is difficult to tackle on your own. There are specific dwell times for over the counter products that almost never get reached. Imagine knowing that there is a virus the size of the tip of a pin somewhere in your home. Scrubbing every square inch of your home may be a nearly impossible task. With the Dry Fog system, it is not only possible but simple. Our dry fogging process will kill all surface viruses and bacteria including enveloped viruses such as the Corona Virus Strain.

Hospital Grade Disinfection Service

$0.5 - $1 Per Square Foot

Full Dwelling InstaPure Disinfection

EverPure Microbial Protectant

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90 Day Follow Up Treatment

50% initial treatment price

High Traffice Area InstaPure Disinfection

EverPure Microbial Protectant Re Apply

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