EPA Certified Safe Registered Microbial

Powered by our patented two-step dry fog technology, your home will be mold-free in hours.

With our EPA-approved and Maryland Registered sterilant, we can kill off all your mold without harming your loved ones or pets. You can be back in your home or office within hours after treatment.


STEP 1: Our first line of attack is InstaPURE. Registered with the EPA, this powerful solution kills mold spores it encounters. With tiny particles, only a few microns long, this mold killer can get into every crevice or crack without damage to your home’s valuable furnishings. Although it stops mold in its tracks, you won’t have to throw your food out. InstaPURE is FDA-approved for contact with food.


STEP 2: After we kill all mold in your home or office, we apply a microbiological barrier that will prevent mold growth in the future. Called EverPURE, this advanced treatment can provide mold protection for the long term-which means we alone can provide you with what no other mold remediation company can-a warranty.