The PuriCleanse patented dry fog system will destroy the Coronavirus on contact. Furthermore, the EverPURE protectant will also protect your surfaces for up to 90 days from all viruses, including COVID-19.

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College Park Disinfection Service

​With our revolutionary Dry Fog technology and College Park Disinfection Service, we are able to reach and treat every hard to reach space of your home. This ensures no virus or bacteria is missed, including all known Corona Viruses. It’s safe in any environment – residential, commercial, medical.

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Sterilization and College Park Disinfection Service in Maryland

People who have serious illness or disease will often experience a weakened immune system either from the illness itself or as a result of their medical treatment.

This can cause serious complications when a person is exposed to common household bacteria and viruses. These small invisible enemies are nearly impossible to clean in every square inch of a home.

PuriCleanse has helped hundreds of people create a clean environment for people to live in. The miracle of dry fog has helped cancer patients from picking up secondary infections while undergoing treatment.

Whether you are rehabilitating or just feel sick in your home, let PuriCleanse give you a fresh start to a healthy life.

This includes all known Corona Viruses.

With our revolutionary Dry Fog technology, we are able to reach and treat every hard to reach space of your home.

This ensures no virus or bacteria is missed. For homes with elderly, sick or young children, this is a treatment health conscious families shouldn’t go without.

What is the difference between other College Park Disinfection Service and PuriCleanse?

Dry Fog technology is what sets us apart from the competition. It kills viruses (including all known Corona viruses), pathogens and bacteria. Our sanitizing and College Park disinfection service are provided both for commercial and residential.

PuriCleanse is a BBB Accredited Business.

An all in one disinfectant-sanitizer-fungicide-deodorizer-mold eliminator.

Application by Fogging to ensure all surfaces (floors, walls, counters, HVAC system, appliances etc) are treated.

There is no need to prep the areas and it’s labeled for schools, hospitals, day cares, residential homes, food handling areas, processing plants, and commercial offices.

EPA approved.

Labeled to safely treat Food-Grade areas and Hospitals.

Treatment can be completed within hours and occupants can return within 2 to 4 hours after treatment.

Treatment provides protection for up to 90 days and followup treatments can provide indefinite protection.


Corona Virus Treatment In College Park

Third party tests and research showing effectiveness: Statement from Cantel Inc (Chemical Manufacturer Instapure). For further research on killing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) virus, visit Flagship Inc. For further research on Killing Mold and Pathogens see the Army Corps of Engineers Study H1N1 Study and Bacteria and Virus Testing.

Guaranteed to kill mold, viruses and bacteria. The PuriCleanse patented dry fog system will destroy the Coronavirus on contact. Furthermore, the EverPURE protectant will also protect your surfaces for up to 90 days from all viruses, including COVID-19. Our Dry Fog Technology is approved in all 50 states by the EPA for home and commercial use.


OVER 3,000+ Successfully Treated Homes & Counting…

McKinlei Acord

Recently my home had a flood and I had concerns of mold because of the moisture under the floor. I was able to contact PuriCleanse and ask questions about their services. They were prompt with their response and had a technician out very quickly. Gail and Rodney were very professional and kind. They answered all of my questions and concerns. I had my home fogged and happily it is mild free now! Also I loved that when they said they would be here at 9:30 they were here at 9:30. Most of the time a company says they will be here at a certain time and they are always 30 minutes later. Not Puricleanse though! Being on time goes along way with me especially because I have little ones on a schedule. Thank you for your services! I Definitely recommend PuriCleanse for your mold and air quality needs!

Dan Adams

It is rare to find an entire staff of people that cares about our home as much as the folks at Puricleanse. They have far exceeded our expectations and we could not be more pleased. They are prompt and professional and offer a solution that is effective and affordable. We have and will continue to recommend them to our family and friends.

Dianne Leavitt

We recently discovered a HUGE mold issue in our home. We researched the best way to address this and decided on Puricleanse! We are so grateful. They were able to resolve our problem instantly (within 5 hours) and we could not be happier. The serious health issues we were struggling with as a result of the mold have disappeared. We feel safe again in our home and will have Puricleanse come check our home regularly because we trust them. THANK YOU!

Jimmy May

These guys were amazing! I heard about Puricleanse via my realtors who suggested we proactively get a clean bill-of-health. Jim & Gail answered all my myriad questions. Austin did the work. They were eminently professional, timely, & effective. I'm impressed & recommend them unequivocally.

Tyson Bell

My wife was really sick and we had her tested and she had toxic levels of mold and then we had our house tested and the mold counts were very high. This company understood how dire our situation was because my wife was so sick she started to become incapacitated so they moved the schedule up for us to treat the house earlier. They were kind helpful and answered all our questions. The first night my wife came back to the house she started to feel better. We couldn't be more happy with this company for refuting some of the false traditions in the mold industry and finding a real solution that works much better and longer and that is less expensive.

Tamera Rameson

Jim and Gail explained things so well. I learned so much about mold that I didn't know that has helped me and my family. Ryan gave so much attention to all the little details. They were both awesome to work with! My sister used their company too. They have an awesome system and outstanding customer service!