Learning how to control mold growth to avoid allergies can be a real struggle. Fighting mold allergic reactions might appear like an impossible challenge. After all, mold is a natural part of the surroundings and, even though you can’t see mold spores, they are able to travel through the air and make their way into your nose.

It’s absolutely right to say that a mold allergy may be a problem, but the first thing to start is with proper, fundamental hygiene. As staying out of the sun can save you from sunburn, right house responsibilities and other simple measures can cross a long manner towards coping with hypersensitive.

How mold cause allergies?

Control Mold Growth

Mold lives at about any place but it grows whenever comes in contact with the moisture or in a wet place. If the mold grows and spreads indoor then it becomes a problem for the people. They have to breathe in a mold-infested environment and it’s not good for their health. Breathing in a bad environment can lead you to the different types of health issues including allergies. The allergy can be mild if the person is just perfect or normal but it becomes severe when it attacks the people already suffering from allergies, asthma or weak immune system.

How to Control Mold Growth to Avoid Allergies

A large number of molds cause a severe type of allergies. The symptoms of mold allergies include running nose, sneezing, coughing, watery red eyes, sleep disturbance, etc. As molds grow in the moisturized places then you can control their growth and can get rid of them for having better health in a number of ways.

1) Use humidity reducing tools:

As the mold grows in moisturization then it is very important to have no humidity in your house, even in the air. You should keep a check on your house to have everything in dry condition. There are a lot of tools that can help you to reduce humidity in your home or property. You can also use those tools. The humidity inside your house should be a maximum of 45%, otherwise, it will be easy for molds to grow and spread.

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2) Check if AC running smoothly:

Most of the time, your AC is not working properly which leads to the leakage there. It can also become the reason for the molds to grow. Your AC should be working properly to warm the room and taking the moisture out for a good purpose. The drainage system of the AC should also be automatic as if it is done by hand then it’s very easy to forget and may lead to the growth of molds. Moreover, you must change the filters and clean the ducts to avoid the growth of molds there.

3) Control mold growth by repairing water leakage:

Many times, there happens water leakage in the house, in one tap or the other. This provides an easy way for molds to grow. Whenever there is a water leakage for some days, it surely becomes a good place for the molds to grow. In this situation, you must keep a check on the water system of your house. Whenever there is a leakage, you must repair it at the moment in order to avoid the molds as they can lead to cause the allergies. Check for leaks in the washrooms, bathtubs, basements and the other possible places.

4) Keep everything clean:

Cleaning is a must to keep yourself away from the diseases. If you are not doing proper cleaning in your house then it becomes the favorite place not only for the molds but also for the other kind of bacteria that can lead to serious harm to your health. The fungus can grow in the washrooms near bathtubs and soap places. Always clean these places so as to avoid the molds to grow and spread in your house.

5) Checking basement:

Basements are the places where you do not keep a check every time. You don’t know whether it is clean or not. You only visit the basements in the hour of need. In such cases, there is no proper care of basements in regard to cleaning and water system. If it is a damp place then it will surely have the moisture and molds can easily grow there. If you are not visiting the basement then you will not even have a notice of that and they can cause structural damage to it. If you are visiting the basement after a month, they can cause you allergy at that time when you breathe there.

6) No to indoor plants:

Indoor plants are the main reason for the molds to grow and spread as they consume water and are always moisturized. No matter how much you care about the plants and moisturization, they will still become the reason of molds’ growth. That’s why it is very important to say no to indoor plants. They can cause severe hazards to your health as a result of molds’ growth. If you still have indoor plants then give it a gift to a friend who has a garden.

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7) Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities:

Outdoor activities should be minimized especially the place that has a lot of moisturization like the gardens. If you are going to purchase flowers from a store then you must wear a mask so that you don’t get the toxins inside. The people who are already suffering from asthma or allergy should avoid unnecessary outdoor visits as they can inhale the pollens that are in the air and it can lead to severe health issues.

8) Check landscape:

You must do everything to keep the environment of your house dry and clean. If you have the plants or trees outside of your home then you must clean it properly on a daily basis so that they don’t get moisturized and become a place for fungi to grow. You must make sure to clean the rainwater outside of your house as early as possible. 

All the above steps can be taken to keep yourself away from the molds’ reaction. You must take care of yourself from molds’ toxins even if you are allergic or not. Keep yourself protected! Have more questions on how to control mold growth to avoid allergies? Contact PuriCleanse Mold Remediation in Maryland today for a free consultation!