Our lives have become so hectic. We have made our routine life so much hectic, that we find no time for ourselves. We are always in stress. Stress has become one of the major causes of deaths all around the world. Stress is not only dangerous itself but it sets in motion so many diseases that make the individual helpless. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, etc.

These are a result of a high-stress level. So, we should relax and take a day off. This helps us meditate and gives us inner peace. Happiness comes only from peace. But peace comes only if you give attention to yourself. Selfcare is very important. Without self-care, you cannot get good health and inner peace. If you are not healthy yourself, how would you be able to take care of your dear ones? Your family and friends matter to you.

So, it is important for you to care for yourself and also for your friends and family. These days the coronavirus outbreaks have taken the world like a storm. Everyone is scared of getting infected. But with proper prevention, we can control the coronavirus.

How to prevent spreading Coronavirus?

How to prevent spreading Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is known to everyone now. It has gained so much importance over a few weeks. Many people have died because of this incurable COVID-19 disease. It is a form of the respiratory disorder that makes your lungs non-functional. It is essential for us to keep ourselves safe from this virus. It is still incurable and can affect all the people around them. The virus’s genetic structure is of great importance. The spike proteins on the surface make it highly contagious and ineffective to a wide variety of drugs and medicines. The only way to cure it is through self-immunity.

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If you do not have a good immune system, you are vulnerable to the coronavirus. The symptoms are the same as any other respiratory disorder like cough, flu, fever. But the virus is unstoppable if it has become active inside your body. Your body may produce different types of antibodies. But these antibodies are not sufficient to cope with the excessive multiplication of the virus. The new viruses affect more and more cells and eventually, tissues start to die.

This leads to the rapid failure in breathing and the patient dies. If your body’s immune system is very strong you can hold off the virus for much longer. There aren’t any medicines or drugs available to kill the virus within the body. But experiments are being done all around the world, so its vaccine will soon be available.

Spreading of the coronavirus:

Coronavirus is highly contagious. It can be easily transmitted from one person to another. This is due to the spike protein on the surface of viral DNA/RNA. The spike proteins land on the cells and dissolve the membrane. So that the virus can gain entry inside the cell. After the entry of the virus, the body starts to combine with the DNA of the cell and takes over the control of the whole cell. It starts to duplicate and produces a thousand copies of itself within a minute.

These newly formed viruses are released from the body through cough or sneeze. These are then settled on the hands or body skin of the patient. Therefore, it is advised to avoid body contact with any of the coronavirus patients. It can prove to be fatal for your health. You can use sanitizers to clean off your hands after contact with other people. It will not only save you from coronavirus but also keep you hygienic.


Your hygiene plays a very strong role in the prevention of spreading of the coronavirus. In order to stop the virus from spreading it is essential to maintain high standards of hygiene. The cleaning of the hospital floor with clean wipes, mobs, and tissues. It is essential to replace these cleaning agents after regular intervals.

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These can become active virus transmitting agents. Many floor cleaners and bedsheets washers become the victim of the virus in hospitals. So, proper methods and preventions are necessary to work in hospitals. Also, the use of chemical disinfectants and sanitizers is very important.


Isolation may sound a bit disturbing. But it is for the best of the patient. If the coronavirus patient remains in the open. He can infect hundreds of other people by just coughing or shaking hands. The isolation can prove to be beneficial not only for the patient but also protects his family from any danger. The family sometimes do not care about the consequences and make contacts like touching hands and removing masks of the patients.

This act may be out of love and care but becomes a threat for all the people around. So, it is for the better good that the coronavirus patient should be kept in isolation. However, isolation should contain all the necessary amenities.

Use of sanitizers:

Sanitizer companies are in big businesses these days. It is because that the only thing which can kill all the coronavirus from our hands and skin is a good sanitizer. Sanitizers in the market are in different packaging. You can buy a pocket-size sanitizer and always keep it with you. You never know who is infected with the virus.

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So, after every contact with any person, like your colleagues, classmates, friends, coworkers, etc. You can use the pocket sanitizer and keep yourself healthy and safe. It is the best way to keep your meeting going and also caring about your health. Also, it prevents the virus from spreading and kills it off.

Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading

There is still no cure for coronavirus and all the people around the world are in distress. We may not be able to find a cure for coronavirus. But the preventions are very helpful for keeping us safe and healthy. The use of hand sanitizers, face masks can reduce the chances of developing coronavirus by 50-70%. We should try to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading. WE can keep the patients in isolation so that other people would not get affected by it.

We should dispose of all the bedsheets and clothes of the people who were infected by the virus. All the patients should wear a mask. If we ever feel the symptoms like fever, cough, and shortness of breath. We should contact our doctor and consult them. We should avoid direct contact from the patient of coronavirus even if he/she is your family member. Following the precautions is best for the people around us.

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