Mold and Pathogen Removal, Remediation and Disinfection in Howard County

Do you have molds in your office or home and you don’t know how to remove them? Are you looking for a company that offers mold and pathogen removal remediation, and disinfection service in Howard County that utilizes the best technology? If so, then look no further because we at PuriCleanse can help you a lot.

Unlike other companies, at PuriCleanse we will make your home or office mold-free in one day. Plus, we’re the most inexpensive mold remediation company in Maryland. 

​We service all of Howard County Maryland Including:

  • ​Columbia
  • Ellicott City
  • ​Elkridge
  • ​North Laurel
  • Savage
  • Dayton
  • ​Highland
  • ​Fulton
  • Gleneig
  • Highland

Here are the different services we are offering at a very affordable price

Services We Offered

  • 1
    Mold Remediation

Aforementioned, we will get rid of mold from your office or home effectively. After doing our job, you are certain that you will have a healthier environment compared before. 

  • 2
    Gym Disinfection

Do you have a gym in Howard County and want to make it the cleanest gym? If so don’t hesitate to call us. Our hard-working team will clean and disinfect your gym on a regular basis to ensure that your gym is clean and safe all the time

  • 3
    Mold Testing

If you want to find out whether your building, home or office in Howard County is free from mold or not, then we can help you with that. Apart from conducting mold remediation we also offer mold testing services at a reasonable price.

  • 4
    Home Disinfection

Keep your property tidy and fresh with PuriCleanse as our team performs disinfecting efficiently.

  • 5
    Car Sterilization

Does your car smells strange and don’t have any idea what to do about it? If so, contact us as soon as possible and we will sterilize your car to get rid of those strange smells which make you and your passengers uncomfortable.

  • 6
    Daycare Disinfection

Kids are very prone to diseases. In fact, it only takes one ill child to send your daycare in disorder. To avoid this from happening, daycare disinfection is needed.


Are the Solutions Used By PuriCleanse in Treating The Molds Safe?

Our EPA-registered solutions are non-toxic and most importantly won’t harm pets and humans. That said, once the treatment is done, you may occupy your office or house after a few hours.

What is the Technology/System Used by PuriCleanse in Removing Molds?

Dry Fog is the demolition-free mold remediation technology/system we used. It means we will remove molds from your office or home without breaking either your walls or bank.

As a matter of fact, Dry Fog Technology is one of the many reasons why we became Maryland’s leading mold removal company. 

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Whether you are looking for meth cleanup, mold inspection, mold removal, mold mitigation, mold remediation, air quality test, or any other disinfection services, we at PuriCleanse are always ready to help you.

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