Life and death are stages everybody has to go through. This life is short so we should always live it to our fullest. But unfortunately, we have indulged ourselves in so much work that we find time for ourselves. This life is not about work and work but also to enjoy little happy moments and cherish nature. Nature has given us so many blessings and beautiful sceneries. The mesmerizing mountain view and enchanting sunsets at the beaches. But we are in the race of our life.

We find no time to stare at the beautiful scenes around us. Health should always be our first priority. Without proper health, we can achieve nothing. None of our goals will matter if we don’t have good health. So, we should be aware of all the fatal and dangerous diseases which can take our lives and make our goals worthless. Diseases like hepatitis C, coronavirus, AIDS, etc., are fatal for us. They can take away our lives in a matter of time. There are no treatments for coronavirus or cure for COVID-19 yet. So, we have to give attention to these diseases or our businesses and money will mean nothing to us.

Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is there a treatment for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is one of the leading diseases all around the world. Millions of people have been affected by this particular type of coronavirus. The coronavirus has been known to mankind since the 1930s. But now a new type of coronavirus has been discovered which is wreaking havoc all around the world. It affects the individual’s respiratory tract and causes the death of the person. The patient’s chances to survive this ailment is very low because there is no particular cure discovered yet.

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It is highly contagious and necessary interventions have to be taken in order to contain this. The reason that it is very contagious is that it is transferred from one person to the other with a sneeze or a cough. The virus gets suspended in the air and gets taken in with a breath. This way it can infect any other person near the patient. However, the viruses are inactive outside their host’s body. The inactive virus cannot be studied. Therefore, it is very difficult to research viruses. We have to find live subjects to infect them with the virus and study.

Coronavirus Background

Coronavirus is just a virus with a crown-like shape. The crown-like is the general characteristics of all the viruses with a respiratory tract infection. These viruses are of different types. These cause different disorders regarding the respiratory tract of the individual. Studies have been made on different coronaviruses and treatments have been deduced. But recently another type of coronavirus is discovered which is SARS-CoV-2.

This virus causes the same disease as the SARS-CoV but with greater intensity. The patient is not able to survive even a day after the diagnosis. The diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 is also very difficult. The symptoms are the same as any other viral disorder. Like fever cough, shortness of breath. But even after its diagnosis, the patient is not able to survive.

Process for coronavirus research

There is no such treatment discovered for coronavirus till now. The genetic basis of the virus is under study right now. The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is discovered to be a crown-shaped virus with protein on the outer covering. The outer protein covering has spikes on it. The spikes act as a receptor on the cell membranes and attach to the cell and make a path for the virus to enter the cell.

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It takes over the control of the cell and starts to divide rapidly making more and more viruses. This, in turn, disturbs the metabolic process and causes disturbance in homeostasis of the body. It gradually affects the whole tissues of the lungs and then ends in the lungs’ failure and death of the patient.

Coronavirus treatment:

The doctors and scientists all around the world are trying their best to find a cure. Many experiments are being made all around the world just known the best to kill the virus and get rid of the infection. These are under process now but no clear result has been obtained. To study this virus, there is only a little time span before the specimen dies.

The estimated time for an individual to survive after the severe acute respiratory syndrome by SARS-CoV-2 is almost 9 hours. However, some people may survive it much longer. But to fully cure the virus, no progress has been made yet. It is extremely difficult to completely cure the patient of SARS-CoV-2.

Current research on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many kinds of research have been made on the coronavirus since the 1930s. Scientists have observed the working mechanism and disease-causing process of the coronavirus. But the new coronavirus is slightly different. It cannot be killed by the same method and medicines that we use to treat other respiratory disorders. The common cold virus is also a type of coronavirus. It is also very contagious but does not have extreme damage to our bodies.

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Its mild effect lets our body produce antibodies against it. However, the antibodies made against the flu virus are not long-lasting and the person is infected again by the common cold virus. As for the SARS-CoV-2, the virus replication is very high and the patient’s immune system is not able to overcome the increasing number of viruses. As a result, the body’s immune system fails and the patients become vulnerable.

Prevents from the coronavirus

We should focus more on ourselves and our health. Also, put your health first and do all the effort to keep yourself healthy. As for the coronavirus, it is fatal. We cannot fully treat the patients of coronavirus; therefore, preventions are our best option. Without preventions, we can also fall suspect to this ailment. It is highly contagious, so the use of hand sanitizer and face masks are a must.

Also, avoid going to crowded places. The symptoms are the same as the common cold. So, if you ever feel that you have a fever with cough, consult your physician at once. Nothing is more important than your life.

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