The Virus Scrub

3 Step Treatment Process

1. InstaPURE – Pure Maintenance uses InstaPURE to sterilize a facility using a dryfog treatment. InstaPURE fills the volume of space to treat mold bacteria and virus throughout the building. N list EPA registration #70299-19 (InstaPURE)

2. EverPURE – EverPURE is then applied via dry-fog and creates a 90 day protection from microbial growth on all surfaces.

The Pure Maintenance Corona Scrub system will destroy  Viruses and Bacteria. Furthermore, the EverPURE protectant will also protect your surfaces for up to 90 days from microbes.

Maryland Virus Removal

Virus contamination can cause illness and disease if not properly eradicated. We use the same Dry Fog technology that we use to kill mold but to create a germ barrier that remains suspended in the air until all germs are destroyed.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Using the same amazing technology to kill mold, PuriCleanse uses its patented two-part system to create a germ barrier.

We begin by filling your building or room with an EPA registered dry fog called InstaPURE™. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely no residue. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and has made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the desired dwell time until all germs are destroyed.

Puricleanse then begins the second step of the system. A similar fog to step one, an EPA registered fog called EverPURE™ is introduced to the room. EverPURE™ is dry and leaves no residue but creates an antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces of the room that will ensure that for 90 days, your home or business will be germ-free.

Treats Corona Virus, Ring Worm, MRSA, Staph, CDiff, Anthrax, Flu Virus, Hand Foot and Mouth, H1N1, and more.

Did you know that our Dry Fog Technology can kill the B on contact? While this can’t prevent the transfer from person-to-person of the virus, we can eliminate it from any facility.