Human health is maintained by a number of body mechanisms and homeostasis. A little deviation from the normal processes can cause a significant change in the body – especially when mold effects are taken into consideration. These changes might become the start line of a chronic infection. Therefore, taking care of ourselves is very important. Taking essential nutrients in our diets and minerals which our body cannot synthesize is essential. Mold a class of fungi that involves a vast variety and types.

Mold Effects on Health

There are molds of many different colors like green, blue, black, yellow, white, pink, etc. All of these molds can have a negative effect on our bodies. Molds can cause different ailments as well as skin diseases. They reproduce in a similar fashion as other fungi. They are unappealing to watch and give off a musty smell. It is all you need to spoil your day.

Mold Effects on Human Health

There are so many ways by which molds can affect our health. It is a vast class of fungi so there are a number of disorders as well. Fungi not only affect our health but can also damage our goods and stuff. It can turn our expensive goods into the trash in a blink of an eye. Fungi are known to cause athlete’s foot and other foot infections. Molds are known to contaminate food items like butter, cheese, apricot, grains, hay and many more.

If these infected items are used in the food it can cause diseases like ergotism, skin allergies and digestive tract disorders. It is very important to dispose of the infected items or they can affect other items as well and spread to other sites or places. These are molds that grow on the bathroom tiles and shower curtains. They can also affect your health.

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Disorders due to House Mold

There are a number of disorders that can be induced due to the presence of house mold spores in the air. These spores enter into our body and react with our body cells. They infect our body cells and cause a disturbance in the normal functioning of the organ of our body. If the symptoms are left unchecked these can develop into a serious disease that can cause irreparable damage. So keeping the symptoms in check is very important.

There are antifungal medicines and septic’s available which can reduce the infection and inflammation. But in order to completely eradicate the disease, you have to remove all the mold from your house. Mold-killing products are available in every supermarket. You can remove mold from your house yourself. However, here are some of the disorders which mold spores can cause in our body.

Pain and Ache in the Body

House mold is not itself a big issue. But if left unchecked it can lead to many complications. The mold spores, when inhaled by our body, can alter our normal setup entirely. It can bring changes in our mood and cause irritation in the different systems of our body. Some people upon spore absorption start to feel body ache. Pain in a different part of the body can lead to anxiety and discomfort. Though this pain is bearable, you completely lose your peace and comfort. Also, this leads to the fever which can aggravate the condition. So taking preventions is necessary.

Nosebleed Mold Effects

This is not a common symptom. There are many reasons for a bleeding nose. The spores which are released by the mold enter our respiratory tract through the nasal opening. The nasal opening contains many defensive mechanisms and white blood cells to protect the body. Therefore, it might become the first site of infection.

Because of the infection, it may lead to blood loss which will result in a nosebleed. It is not a severe symptom and can be cured with care. But if there is continual blood loss contact the doctor. Severe blood loss and cause death of the patient which is the worst-case scenario. Normally our body contains coagulants that will act to stop the bleeding and maintain homeostasis.

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Headache Mold Effects

If some of the molds are absorbed into our body it can lead to a headache. The brain is also affected by the spores of molds. The molds upon entering our body releases some chemicals which trigger the nervous stimulation to our brains. The pain receptors of the brain start to activate and result in a headache. The headache can be mild or severe. It depends on the number of spores inhaled. Medicines like painkillers are available. These painkillers can reduce the pain by making the receptors inactive. It is also one of the acute symptoms of house mold. You need to keep your house clean and mold-free to avoid these discomforting symptoms.

Memory Loss Mold Effects

It is very rare. If the black mold spores are inhaled for longer durations. The fungal entities might start to detonate our body cells. The loss of the cell can cause irreparable damage to our bodies. The mycotoxins produced by molds start to kill the cells in the brain. It is not common in youngsters. Because the immune system of the body is very strong and overcomes the toxicity of the spores.

But in old people, the body does not work the same way. So mold toxins can speed up the process of dementia. It is not really proved that inhalation of mold spores do cause dementia. But it is possible that it can boost up the process. So, molds are infectious and should be removed from the house.

Mood Swings Mold Effects

The presence of mold has a great impact on your mood. The unpleasant and musty smell of mold can stimulate your smell buds and induce a feeling of rage and exhaustion. It can make you feel tired and sluggish even in the morning. The unpleasant mold in your house can worsen your whole day. You will not feel good at the beginning of your day and it will affect your whole day. You will not be able to concentrate on your work.

Also, after a long tiring day when you come home the musty smell and unpleasant sight of house mold will spoil your whole mood. You will not be able to rest properly and enjoy a peaceful sleep. So, remove all the mold from your house to ensure normal mental health.

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