Mold in Your Home?

Do you have fungi or mold in your home? Fungi are a type of plants which do not have proper roots, leaves or flowers. But they play a significant role in the balance of our environment. They usually act on dead plants and animals and extract their nutrition from them. These are called saprotrophic in nature. Although fungi have importance in the cycle of life, it also causes serious health hazards. Many people face problems due to fungal attacks. The molds and mildew can completely destroy standing crops of wheat and rice. Also, many wood companies face severe losses due to fungi. So the elimination of fungi from the property or expensive goods is necessary.

Mold in Your House What to know

Normally, fungi or molds grow in damp and moist places. They need moisture for their survival and growth. Also, there is a wide range of stuff on which molds and mildew can grow. It can make your relics look like garbage in a short time. Indoor molds are the worst. They make your house look dull and leaves an unpleasant impression on your guests. Waking up to a pungent musty smell only spoils your mood and affect your whole day. In order to keep your house fresh and clean, you have to eliminate all molds and mildews. There are several ways from which you can prevent the growth of mold in the house.

However, there are many health problems which are due to mold spores. Here is a sight overview of health issues due to indoor molds:

Mold in Your Home – Health Issues

Aspergillosis and Other Diseases

Aspergillus is also a type of fungus. It is common indoors and mostly found in the walls or wood. It is dusty in appearance and mostly targets powdered products. Food items like powdered milk, flour, and caustic soda are the common target. It the contaminated food item is used; it can cause serious health issues. Bacteria and other microorganisms like dust mites play a role in causing allergies and respiratory disorders in humans. This allergy can become severe if more than one allergen are present. But people with a strong immune system can counter these allergens. However, the same is not the case with the people already having a respiratory disorder or immune system complications. Aspergillosis is a respiratory disorder which is caused due to the assimilation of aspergillus.

There are different types of aspergillosis which include:


It is a disease which is caused due to accumulation of aspergillus mold or spore into the body. The mold gets inside the respiratory tract and starts to affect the metabolic process. It reacts with the cells of the respiratory tract and starts detonating them. The mold extracts the nutrients and food from the cells and stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms. It also releases chemicals which produce severe coughing. The cough includes blood. It can be a severe health hazard and lead to blood loss. Physician consultation is advised before taking any medicine. Taking the wrong medication can worsen the disease to its chronic form.

Aspergillus Sinusitis

Aspergillus sinusitis is a type of allergy which usually affects your nose. these are many fungal infections which affect your upper respiratory tract. All the diseases are not of the lower respiratory tract. These spores irritate the nasal cavity and cause a runny nose or stuffy nose. The stimulation also reaches the brain. The sinusoids inside the brain also get affected by these spores. The sinusoids of the brain get accumulated with fluid and the head starts to feel heavy. It leads to a headache and also you start to feel dizzy and exhausted. Anti-allergens may stop runny nose but proper medical consultation is advised.

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Preventions for Mold in Your Home

There are some preventions you can take to avoid mold growth in your house. Though old spores are present all around us but cannot germinate without moisture. So make sure you do not provide these spores all the favorable conditions they need. Keep your house hygienic and clean.


Ventilation will greatly reduce the chances of spore germination. Mold normally grow on the sites with no ventilation. Spaces like behind the closet or beneath shelves or under the sink are most likely places where spores grow. So, ventilate your house through after a week or so. It will not only make your house mold-free but also remove all the unwanted garbage and other infectious microorganisms. Ventilating your house thoroughly will also give your home a fresh and refreshing odor. All the dust will be removed and you will feel more peaceful in the same room.

Reduce Humidity

Moisture is the major reason for mold growth. Without moisture, the mold cannot survive. Therefore, keeping the humidity level under control is very important. The major factors which include moisture are the breaths of people, water leakages, use of water in the house, etc. These increase the humidity level and makes the growth of mold favorable.

However, you can significantly reduce the humidity level in your house. You can use dehumidifiers in the house to extract all the excess humidity. Act quickly in case of water leakage and dry off the place. You can use exhaust fans in the bathroom to remove the moisture. Also, do not use water coolers or kerosene heaters inside the house.

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Mold in Your Home Removal

Dry Fog System Mold Removal

Utilizing protected dry fog technology, Pure Maintenance can top off the whole volume of room inside a structure with an EPA approved sterilant that expels microbes, virus and mold from surfaces and denatures spores that are air borne, in fabrics, furniture, behind walls, and even air ducts. The procedure is so compelling, we ensure our outcomes. The air in your home will be more secure and more solid than the air outside when we are finished.

Rather than isolating off an area of your home and having temporary workers strolling in and out for quite a long time, Pure Maintenance will basically back their truck up get a couple of little spouts to the home or office and after 4 hours your home will be free of any hurtful molds or pathogens.

Alternative Mold Removal Methods

If you are removing mold them use household mold killing products. Apply on the mold directly and wipe it with a cloth. Wipe it hard so that no spec of mold remans. After cleaning, dry the area with dryer or dehumidifier. It will prevent the reappearance of mold. While cleaning a porous surface cleans it using a diluted bleach solution. It will help clear the mold inside. after that dry it. Check the surface after two-three days if the mold had reappeared. Also, there are anti-fungal products available in the market which will keep you house mold-free. There are paints and resins available in the market which are anti-fungal. It will keep your house mold-free for many years.

If you want to get rid of all the mold and mildew in your house, keeping a low humidity level and ventilating your house is the best option. It will also remove the dust from the corners of your house and circulate fresh air in the room. People with a weak immune system should focus on keeping their house clean and mold-free. If you are removing mold from an area more than ten square meters, then contacting a professional like PuriCleanse would be your best option. Use household mold-killing products to clean your house and make it hygienic!