Mold Removal: Traditional Vs Puricleanse


Puricleanse Remediation vs The Competition

It can be tricky to find the right company when it comes to mold remediation. With so many different options out there, how can you possibly narrow it down to a business that will not only be cost effective, but that will also get the job done right?

Lucky for you, we’re going to give you a breakdown on a traditional mold removal company compared to the Puricleanse method. Here’s why we believe that dry fog technology is the way to go.

Traditional Mold Removal Process

Typically, a mold removal service will come into your home and find out where the mold issue is. Then, they’ll make a recommendation for correcting the issue. Most recommendations are based on a demolition approach. This can mean cutting out walls, removing carpet and flooring, basically removing anything in your home that was wet and could have been exposed to mold.

After they’ve removed all the potential areas that mold could have been hiding, they will run an air scrubber machine throughout the home to make sure there are no mold spores. Once that is finished, they will run an air test to make sure the mold problem is gone.

Finally, once the air test comes back that the mold has been removed, they will reach out to a contractor to help rebuild the areas that were torn apart.

This process can be incredibly expensive and take weeks to complete. Not to mention, if your issue is in a room such as your bathroom or kitchen, the cost of demolition and rebuilding could go way up.

The Puricleanse Demolition-Free Method

So, how is the Puricleanse method different from the traditional mold removal process? First, we use a dry fog and go room to room spraying and killing mold. This requires no demolition, no prep work, and you don’t have to remove anything from your home. The fog will run through your HVAC system, your walls, and your floors—reaching everywhere in your home, killing mold pathogens and spores as it goes.

The process typically takes up to four hours, and you can go back into your home just a few hours after we treat the property. We run air quality tests before and after to make sure that the mold problem has been resolved so you know that those hazardous mold spores are out of your home.

In addition to a timely process, we also have a one-year guarantee. So if the mold comes back and there isn’t a water source causing the issue, we will treat your home again at no additional costs to you. Bonus, your home will smell better than ever after treatment.

Cost effective, done in a matter of hours, and all the mold is taken care of— what’s not to love about the Puricleanse method?

If you have more questions about Puricleanse and how we can help your property become mold-free, contact us today and we’ll help you get the job done.