Mold ​Removal, Remediation and Disinfection in ​Montgomery County

​No longer is black mold remediation a costly nightmare. Though the mold itself causes grave health risks, not to mention a huge drop in property value, there’s a solution. At Puricleanse, we rid your home of black mold and other pathogens with a dry-fog solution that takes hours, not weeks. And best of all, there’s no demolition. No demolition means no restoration—saving you thousands of dollars on remodels you didn’t need.

​Puricleanse Provides Mold Removal Throughout Montgomery County, Including:

  • Aspen Hill
  • Chevy Chase
  • ​C​larksburg
  • ​Colesville
  • ​Damascus
  • ​​Germantown
  • ​Gaithersburg
  • ​Bethesda
  • ​​​Potomac
  • ​​Rockville
  • ​Silver Spring

​How Can Mold Removal Be Demolition-Free?

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    ​Our easy method won’t put a damper on your lifestyle.

Traditional mold remediation can keep you out of your home for weeks. With our demolition-free treatment, we can apply our patented dry fog solution throughout your home or office within four to six hours. By the end of the day, we’re done. No cleanup, no prep. Now that’s easy.

For most of our Montgomery County customers, we can be at your home or business within 24 hours. We know you want to get back to normal fast and will do everything we can to make that happens.

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    We save you thousands

​​​​Gone is the horror of seeing your life’s savings slip through the fingers of a traditional mold removal company’s sales rep. With our dry-fogging treatment, we can eliminate all the black mold in your home or business building for $2,500 or less. Compare that to the tens of thousands you’d spend with a traditional company, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

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    ​Our method is by far the most effective on the market.

​Black mold is insidious in its staying power. Despite all the air purifiers, extensive demolition, and other invasive procedures traditional mold removal companies try, the mold persists. That’s because their treatments can’t reach into those tiny spaces where mold thrives—places like your HVAC system, your attic—even those microscopic cracks in your flooring. With our dry fog treatment, we can kill every mold spore in your home—even those in the air. The bonus? Our solution even kills the nasty bacteria and viruses at the same time, leaving your home or office sparkling clean and mold free. Because our system is so effective, we can provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so long as you’ve fixed any water issues that caused the mold.

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    For Business Owners and Homeowners

​A black mold issue can put a serious damper on your business or home life. Not only that, but with conventional treatments, you’ll have to shell out nearly $20,000 or more. For most people, you’re looking at your life’s savings flying out the door. With Puricleanse, you can kill every mold spore for $2,500 or less, freeing up your cash for more important investments.

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    For Real Estate Agencies

​When a client puts down earnest money on one of your listings, you hold your breath until the home passes the inspection. The worst thing that could happen? Black mold. It doesn’t have to be a sale-killing disaster. We can be on site within 12 hours, rid the home of mold, and for a price that won’t wreck the sellers’ profits. With our mold-free guarantee, you’re home free.

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    ​For Healthcare Professionals

​You pride yourself on the excellent care you provide to your patients. Yet when they have mold-related illnesses, you fear walking into the room with that diagnosis. You know that getting rid of black mold can cost nearly as much as major surgery. Not with us. We can give your patients a mold-free home for thousands less—and without their having to leave their home for weeks. It’s a game-changer for your patients—and for you.


​Powered by our patented two-step dry fog technology, your home will be mold-free in hours.

​With our EPA-approved sterilant, we can kill off all your mold without harming your loved ones or pets. You can be back in your home or office within hours after treatment.

STEP 1: Our first line of attack is InstaPURE. Registered with the EPA, this powerful solution kills every fungus, mold spore, virus, or bacterium it encounters. With tiny particles, only a few microns long, this mold killer can get into every crevice or crack without damage to your home’s valuable furnishings. Although it stops mold in its tracks, you won’t have to throw your food out. InstaPURE is FDA-approved for contact with food.

STEP 2: After all the mold is gone from your home or workplace, we apply EverPURE, a microbiological barrier that prevents mold growth. With this powerful substance in place, you’ll enjoy long-term protection from mold. Like no other mold company, we guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction.

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