Fortunately, the PuriCleanse approach to mold remediation and sterilization requires very little effort from your end. However, we do ask that you and your pets vacate the property during the dry fog process. We’ll send a message to you a few days before the work takes place with further instructions.

In our experience, the dry fog doesn’t affect photos and paintings. However, if you feel more comfortable covering them with sheets or taking them out of the property, you can do so.

As an FDA-approved product that’s recognized as being non-toxic, our fog won’t cause harm if it touches your food and you later eat it. But, it might not taste the same. To retain your food’s usual taste, you may want to store it in ziplock bags.

The average home takes 4 to 6 hours to complete the treatment. The average return time is usually between 1 and 2 hours after the completion of the treatment. Your PuriCleanse technician will tell you when it’s safe to return to your property after performing a pre-treatment assessment.

All our approaches are certified by the FDA as being non-toxic. Therefore, they’re safe.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend doing so. The reason for this is that mold spores, viruses, and bacteria can remain on all surfaces unless we treat them.

The fog we use will penetrate any area that mold can reach. Mold spores are usually between 12 and 30 microns in size, whereas wall pores are 8 microns. In the occasional eventuality that we feel the need to treat the areas inside your walls, we may drill small holes to do so.

There’s no need to clean after the treatment. Our fog leaves a thin layer that protects you against viruses, bacteria, and mold for 90 days.

If all moisture and water issues are resolved, this is a very permanent solution. With minor water issues like humidity or condensation on windows, we have tested it out about 6 years and have not been able to get mold growth because of the EverPURE antimicrobial protectant. With major water issues you will only get about 90 days of protection.

Our dry fog hasn’t been approved by the FDA as a pesticide, which means we can’t make such claims.

Our dry fog doesn’t remove mold stains. While the mold itself disappears, the stains do not. After our treatment, you can either remove the stains yourself or we can do so for an extra fee.

The efficacy of our treatments varies according to the water problems in your property. If water issues persist afterward, we can only guarantee the results for 90 days. However, if they’re not severe the results will last for upward of six years.