Puricleanse 1 Year Mold Removal Warranty and Guarantee 

Puricleanse Warranty 

Mold Services guaranteed for a period of 1 year when the entire home is treated. If at any time during the following 12 months, mold is found in the area of service at a greater density than the outside air, Puricleanse will re-treat the home at no charge. Warranty is void if additional water is introduced to premises, i.e. ground water, broken pipe, appliance leak, roof leak, basement flood, etc. or if any current water issues have not been fixed. Warranty is also void if a current leak or water issue is not fixed before a Puricleanse treatment. Any water issues need to be completely repaired and dried out before treatment. If warranty is used, both pages of this bid and invoice must be presented to a Puricleanse employee at the time of a secondary inspection.

Puricleanse Guarantee

Mold Services performed by Puricleanse are guaranteed. After service is completed and before the Puricleanse technician leaves, he or she will collect an air sample within the home. The air sample will be taken in the same place as a before treatment sample or if no before treatment samples were taken, the post treatment sample will be taken in a central location. These air samples will be sent to an independent 3rd party lab for detailed analysis. Once Puricleanse receives a detailed report from the third party lab, a Puricleanse employee will forward the report to the customer. Puricleanse guarantees that the indoor mold levels will be at safe levels in accordance with current outdoor mold levels.