Are you wondering what are the dangers of house mold? House is a place of comfort and mold shouldn’t be a part of it. You don’t really want to see your house dirty and musty. Molds are a type of fungi which can affect your household. These can cause a drastic change in your expensive products and make them useless. Therefore, keeping your house mold-free is important.

Dangers of House Mold

There are so many drawbacks of house mold. It can affect your food item, raw materials, kitchen shelves, bathroom, floor, garage tiles and walls of the house. It comes with a pungent smell which is enough to spoil your good mood. Also, it is not pleasant to sight as well. These appear in different colors according to their type. So, keep yourself and your family safe from the dangers of household mold. Molds can be very pesky sometimes. You can’t really get rid of all the mold from your house at a time.

While they appear unpleasant to sight with a rusty smell, they can also cause health problems. There are many respiratory syndromes which have their roots in a household mold. Though they may not appear very dangerous in the beginning but can cause severe complications with time. It can lead to severe bronchitis and other breathing disorders which may prove to be fatal. Keep your house hygienic and clean is not enough. You also have to get rid of the extra moisture in your home. Spores are almost everywhere. These mold spores have a long-lasting life and dormant characteristics. Therefore, if you want to save your family from the dangers of the house mold, you have to keep the moisture at a safe level.

What are the Dangers of House Mold?

Spores of Mold

Spores of household molds are almost everywhere. There are cosmopolitan in nature. The reason they do not germinate everywhere is that they require a specific moisture level and temperature. If you can avoid these conditions, so can keep your house mold-free. Spores cut off from the main body of the mold. These spores are normally carried by air to new sites of infection.

Therefore, there are spores of molds are always present in the air. They travel to different places but only germinates on the moist and damp places. They are dormant and normally move slowly due to external factors. But once they germinate, they can multiply rapidly, and cover much of the area of site within a short time. Once germinated, they can spread off more and more spores which can not only affect other places in your house but also in the neighborhood.

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Dangers of House Mold

Though the spores are small in size are not really visible to the human eye. But upon germination, they can become the root of many different complications and ailments. They can appear in different colors like green, blue, black, pink and white. These are the types of molds. They also cause different disorders if a specific number of spores of these molds are inhaled.

They interact with our basal metabolic rate and disturbs our body’s homeostasis. They can cause inflammation, infections and respiratory disorders. Normally, our body immune system reacts and counter the spores, but if a large sum of spores is inhaled. It makes it difficult for our body to fight with them. This leads to the onset of the disease.

Dangerous for Children

Everybody wants to save their family from disease and disorders. The most common victims who get infected by household mold are children. The color which mold gives off becomes an attraction for the kids. They look at it as their plaything and inhales much of the spores. The immune system in adults is strong.

They can fight off much of the mold spores. But the same is not the case with children. Their immune system is weak; therefore, they get infected easily. The infection can progress easily in children because their bodies are not fully developed yet. So keep your children away from the household mold.

Cause Severe Infection in Patients

The patients who are already suffering from some type of respiratory disorder cannot tolerate household mold. The body of the patient already gets weak due to the existing infection. The spores only act to aggravate the disorder can make the infection more severe. Respiratory disorders like asthma and acute bronchitis can progress rapidly to their chronic form in the presence of household mold.

So, you need to be extremely cautious for the wellbeing of the patients. To keep the house mold-free, you need to keep the house as dry as possible. The room of the patient should be moisture-free, and there should be no damp spot in the room. In case of any water leakage, you should act swiftly and stop the leakage. Also, dry the room with towels and de-moisturizers.

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Major Respiratory Symptoms

Spores are not only dangerous if inhaled by the air. They can also cause a number of disorders in the human body through contaminated food or raw material. However, the diseases caused by house mold mainly include respiratory disorders. A small number of spores does not cause much problem but if left unchecked they can cause diseases like bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, runny nose and some lung diseases.

The black mold is considered to produce mycotoxins upon entry in our body. But the mycotoxins are produced by many other types of molds. It is not necessary that every black mold will produce mycotoxins and cause toxicities in the body. But it is necessary to take precautions.

Also causes Skin Rashes

Breathing problems are commonly related to household mold. But there are some other ailments which also concern household mold. Such as skin rashes. People who have sensitive skin cannot bear mold spores. The chemicals produced by the mold causes an allergic reaction on the skin cells. Our body is almost 70% water.

Spores require moisture for germination, therefore, they can cause a reaction in the cells of your skin. Use antiseptics and anti-fungal creams to get rid of the infection. Also, these spores can cause skin rashes which can be very irritating. However, you can get rid of these rashes with proper care and hygiene. Keep your house clean and moisture level below 60 to live a happy, healthy and mold-free life!

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