Coronavirus is one of the hot topics nowadays. It has gained so much importance in a very few time spans because of its fatal effects on human health. Life is a blessing. Without our life, this World means nothing to us. Humans should value their lives much more. We wake up early in the morning, do home chores, go to the office and have a hectic routine just to survive. If you do not care about your health, all the money would mean nothing. Health always comes first.

The World Health Organization is trying its best to get rid of the dangerous diseases and provide mankind with the happiness and peace they deserve. However, with the outbreak of the recent coronavirus, it is not quite possible. It has spread like a fire in a forest and is infecting more and more people daily. The reason for its rapid spread is that it is contagious. It can affect all the people around the patient suffering from coronavirus. It is fatal and takes a person’s life within a week. It needs to be contained. Only through precautions, we can prevent it from spreading.

What are the symptoms of the Coronavirus?

What are the symptoms of the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes respiratory disorders. Viruses are a kind of pathogen. These are foreign entities that enter our body and disturbs the normal mechanism of our body. Viruses are basically DNA/RNA. Sometimes they are coated with proteins. These proteins protect them and help them enter the cells of our body. Viruses are not alive outside their host. So in order to become active, they have to enter a host and infect them.

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Coronavirus has many types. Some may be lethal but some may only cause mild infections. Common cold (Flu) is also caused by a coronavirus. So, it is not necessary that you will die if you have coronavirus. The type of coronavirus determines the level of damage. Caring for yourself should be your optimum priority. Without proper health, you cannot live your life to the fullest. You won’t be able to perform well in the office and your business may get worse.

Coronavirus history:

As for the background of coronavirus, people are not aware of it. Corona is basically a Latin word which means “Crown-like”. It is a virus which has a crown-like shape when seen under a microscope. A Virus is usually not visible under a microscope unless special required conditions are fulfilled. Coronaviruses are related to respiratory disorders. These viruses cause diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome, etc. The severe acute respiratory syndrome can be very lethal. Also, there are many deaths all around the world due to the common cold and flu.

New Coronavirus 2020:

Coronavirus was first discovered in the 1930s. It was supposed to be animal causing virus back then because it only caused respiratory disorders in birds. Later in the 1960s Coronavirus affected humans and caused pneumonia. Since then many coronaviruses have been discovered like OC43, 229E, etc. However, studies on these viruses revealed the cures and treatments for the patients. These respiratory diseases can be cured with different medicines and care. However, the new coronavirus is very dangerous. It is recently discovered and has no cure. It is incurable due to low studies on this type of coronavirus.

What are Coronavirus Symptoms?

Coronavirus has the same symptoms as any other respiratory disorder symptoms. It is very difficult to differentiate the new coronavirus infected person from the rest. People are not able to actually realize that they have been infected unless the greater damage is done. The virus affects the lungs and inflicts irreparable damage to it.

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The lungs fail to accumulate enough air and fail to function. The deficiency of oxygen causes sudden arrest and the brain cells start to die. With the dying of cells, the patient suffers irreparable damage and it eventually results in the death of the individual. So, if you experience any of the following symptoms you should consult your physician immediately.

1) Fever:

It is the most common and basic symptom. It appears in almost every type of disease. It is due to the pyrogens. Pyrogens act on the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) and set the body temperature to a higher degree. It helps the body to activate our immune system which will kill off the foreign bodies and protect the body from its harms.

It is essential because some of our white blood cells activate only on a higher degree. This slight change in our body temperature makes it irritating for us but is very helpful in the long run. In the coronavirus case, the body tries to fend off the virus. Therefore, the body temperature rises and you get the symptom of fever.

2) Cough:

Cough is also a protective mechanism to block the entry of any foreign entity inside our body. Basically, our mouth and throat have a mass of protective cells packed at certain spots. These act as the first line of defense in our body. Whenever any pathogen or allergen enters the body through the mouth or nose, these cells recognize the foreign particles and cause a reaction against them.

The reaction is usually a cough or a sneeze. It eliminates the entities out of our body and protects it from further infection. However, in the case of respiratory disorders, there is rapid cough and sneezing which is a reaction due to infection and viral damage.

3) Shortness of Breath:

It is a common symptom of all respiratory disorders. But in the new coronavirus, there is extreme difficulty in breathing. Patients suffer from rapid breathing with a shortage of oxygen in the blood. There is coughing after exertion and the patient is not able to get any rest. There is also a pain in the respiratory tract followed by a sore throat.

All the pain and suffering make the patient anxious and mentally depressed. New coronavirus affects the lungs badly and makes them non-functional. So, it is advised to contact your physician immediately after any of these common symptoms so that the type of pathogen can be identified beforehand. As in the case of coronavirus, the life of the patient can be saved.

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