Are you wondering what air quality mold testing is? Mold is a type of fungi which varies in appearance and smell. It contaminates the house with toxic spores and other mycotoxins. There are many factors which contaminate our indoor air. Mold spores also play a key role in them. We consider outdoor air more polluted than indoors.

Air Quality Mold Testing What Is It?

But sometimes the indoor pollution exceeds the safe level and cause many health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to check the level of air pollution indoors. With the advancement in technology, we now have some methods to check the pollution level of the air we breathe in. So you can now compare the pollution levels outdoors and indoors. There are many compounds which can be considered a pollutant and can stimulate mold growth. These are mainly found indoors like carbon dioxide, water traces, asbestos, lead, etc.

Molds require some conditions to survive and grow. These conditions include moisture, optimum temperature and the essential nutrient for growth. If a single one of these conditions is not met, the mold will not grow. So, there are a number of ways we can prevent mold growth in homes. We can use dehumidifiers and mold-killing products. Also, moisture maintenance is a key role. If your house does not have any isolated damp spot, your home will be mold-free.

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So, it is important to inspect your whole house on a regular basis. If there is mold indoors, it can affect the air health greatly. It varies depending upon the mold growing indoors. Though, WHO has advised removing the mold from your house regardless of its type. But there is a process through which you can collect mold samples from air and test them in the laboratory. It involves air quality mold testing techniques.

Air Quality Mold Testing

Air quality testing is a method through which you can determine whether the air you breathe in is safe or not. It tells us about the quality of the air by using the latest equipment and technology. Air quality lets us know the actual reason behind the indoor pollution. Research has shown that indoor air is more polluted than the outdoors. It is because we spend most of our time indoors using, chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, and types of machinery. These types of machinery keep adding on pollution to the indoor air. We do not realize this unless we start acquiring the symptoms of different disorders. So, air quality mold testing is very important.

Other Air Pollutants

It’s not always spores that induce different allergies and respiratory disorders. Mold spores can several acute respiratory disorders like acute bronchitis, skin rashes, and other allergies. But it is not the only cause for these. There are many other different pollutants present indoors which can aggravate the condition. The compounds like carbon monoxide, the ashes from fireplaces, toxic compounds from chimneys and kitchen stoves, and particles of construction material play a significant role in this. Also, the traces amount of heavy metal like lead and aluminum can cause different mental disorders. Air quality mold testing for remediation will allow you to point other many other pollutants present indoors. This way you can improve the air you breathe in and live a healthy life.

Hazards of mold:

Though the spores of mold get mixed with other pollutants in the air and infect us. But spores themselves also have negative on our health. These are basically fungi and can reproduce and infect us. It can alter our cell structure and cause inflammation. Also, the skin rashes may be pesky and may reappear after some time. In order to completely overcome the symptoms, you need to cut the mold off its roots. This way you can keep your family from the harms of mold. Molds can cause disorders like aspergillosis, sinusitis, mycotoxicosis and some respiratory disorders. These disorders are not specifically related to mold spores but are common in places with mold. Our bodies can fight off a limited number of spores, if we inhale more than the limit, we fall prey to different disorders.

Air Quality Mold Preventions

Spores are too small to be seen by the naked eye. There are some of the factors through which spores can gain entry into our house like windows, clothing, pets, shoes, etc. We cannot really stop them from entering, but we can cut off the conditions for their survival. The moisture is the most important thing for their survival. If we can keep the moisture within safe levels, our homes will remain mold-free. It is advised to ventilate your whole house after every 4-5 days. Keep the ends of your closet and drawers clean and moisture-free. Also, use dehumidifiers in case of water leakage, and clean the place using towels. Look for any isolated damp spot in the whole house and clean it. Through these trivial preventions, we can keep our home, safe, hygienic and healthy.

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Improve Indoor Air Health

We spend 90% of our time indoors. So it is essential for us to keep the air we breathe clean and healthy. But we can not really improve the air if we don’t know the cause of the pollution. Therefore, air quality testing equipment is important. There are many types of air quality mold testing equipment available in the market. For mold remediation, the equipment which is advised is particle counting tool. We can determine the major spot of mold grow if we know the number of mold spores present in the room air. The more the spore count the closer the mold growth. This way you can identify all the mold growth places in your house and get rid of them.

Air Quality Mold Testing Conclusion

If we want to live a healthy happy life then taking precautions for mold growth is very important. The mold spores need moisture for their survival and optimum temperature. If we can cut off a single one of these conditions, we will get a mold-free house. There are mold-killing products as well as antifungal paints which can inhibit any type of mold growth. We should give priority to our health and take steps to ensure that our house is safe and healthy. Also, the air quality mold testing equipment comes very handy in mold remediation. The particle counting tool allows us to identify the location of mold growth. Test your indoor air quality and take steps to improve it. Keep the indoors healthy, clean and pollution-free to enjoy a happy life!