What is Demolition-Free Mold Remediation?

Wondering what “demolition-free mold remediation” means? It differs from the traditional “mold removal” and mold remediation services in several ways, and it has a number of advantages! At Puricleanse, we provide demolition-free mold remediation whenever customers come to us with mold issues in their homes or commercial spaces. With years of experience in the business, we’ve found that this is the best way to get the job done.

Here’s the breakdown of how Puricleanse gets rid of mold with demolition-free mold remediation and how much it will actually cost you.

Ridding Mold with Dry Fog Technology

At Puricleanse, we use dry fog technology to get the mold out of your home. Basically, we come to your property and use the fog throughout your entire property to get rid of the mold. The dry fog kills all the mold both in the air and within your physical property features.

With the fog, we spray two chemicals: Instapure and Everpure. Instapure kills all the mold pathogens throughout your property. Everpure is a film that prevents mold from growing back and reaching dangerous levels again. Everpure can last up to three months even if there is another moisture issue.

No Demo Necessary

As the name clearly implies, there’s no demolition necessary when we use dry fog technology. You won’t have to hire someone to tear out your floors, walls, cabinets, or other fixtures in the rooms that are affected by mold. You won’t have to hire someone to rebuild it, either. This saves countless hours of time— and hundreds or thousands of dollars! With Puricleanse demo-free mold remediation, your home won’t be a construction zone, and the mold will still be removed.

The Cost of Demo-Free Mold Remediation

Now for the burning question: how much does demolition-free mold remediation cost?

At Puricleanse, we charge $1 per square foot for homes up to 2,500 square feet. Anything above 2,500 is an additional 50 cents per square foot. So if your house is 3,000 square feet, our demolition free mold remediation would cost around $2,750.

Not only is this much cheaper than if you had to get demolition done on your property (not to mention the rebuild!) but it’s also a time saver. We only need to be in your home for just a little under a day so you can get your entire home treated. With demolition projects, it could take months before everything is finally finished. It’s a money and time saver— what’s not to love about that?

In addition, our services also include a one-year guarantee. So, if the mold does come back within one year of our services, we will come out and treat it as long as the moisture issue doesn’t return.

With Puricleanse your entire home gets mold remediation that successfully helps keep your home safe and free of mold problems without punching a major hole in your wallet. If you like the sound of what we offer and want to learn more, feel free to contact us and we’ll help make your home a safe and mold-free property.