Home is bliss…until you find mold in your house. It provides peace of mind and comfort to every member of the family. After a tiring and exhausting day, all you want to do is go to your bedroom and enjoy a peaceful sleep. But if you come home and smell an unpleasant musty smell or see black mold in the corner it will worsen your mood and exhaust you even more. So, keeping your house clean and protected is very important. Hygiene is the epitome of health. Proper health cannot be achieved without good hygiene. So keep your house clean and safe and get rid of the molds. Molds vary in their appearance. They can show a variety of colors in their appearances.

mold in house what to do

Molds are usually black, brown, green, blue, pink, or white in color. The appearance widely depends on the type of mold. Molds are basically fungi. They do not have distinguished roots, shoots, or leaves. Also, they are saprotrophic in nature so play an important role in the balance of the ecosystem. Though they are of importance, they can cause a mess in your house. They can make your expensive things look like trash. So, we have to get rid of them in our house. Also, they give your house an old and rotten look with a musty and unpleasant smell. The molds on food items can be toxic. There are many fungal diseases known nowadays which can cause serious complications. So, keep your home clean and mold-free.

Growth of Mold in House

A mold is a form of fungi. So, the reproduction method is the same. These grow through spores. Spores remain dormant for a longer period of time is the conditions are not favorable. Molds can only grow is the environment is favorable and moist. Molds would never be able to survive without moisture. Usually, they don’t grow if the temperature and moisture conditions are not optimum. So, the zygote has food supply to remain dormant for longer durations. But if the conditions are favorable, molds can multiply at a rapid rate. It will cover the whole fabric or paper products within a short time.

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Cosmopolitan Spores

Just like bacteria spores of mold and fungi are cosmopolitan. They are everywhere around us. They are so small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Spores are in the air. You cannot avoid contact with bacteria or spores even if you wanted. The spores land on your clothes, shoes or vehicles. But they remain dormant unless they find moisture and definite nutrient supply. Therefore, you don’t usually see molds or mildews everywhere. Molds can grow on a variety of substances. These substances mainly include wood products, clothes, paper product, behind the walls, etc. So limit the moisture in your house to keep it safe and clean.

Mildews in House

Mildews is a category of mold. It is black or sometimes white in appearance. It is also saprotrophic in nature. The spores of mildew not only become active in the presence of moisture. They are temperature sensitive and only germinate at a specific temperature with definite nutrient supply. Mildew is a thin black layer usually seen on clothing products indoors. These may include silk, rayon, cotton, linen, wool, leather, etc. Also, these are common in places which are not ventilated. Just like space behind a closet or a locked storeroom etc. These not only give an unpleasant appearance to your house but also has health hazards.

Health Hazards of Mold in House

Mold in house can cause many health hazards. People with an allergy are more liable to develop chronic diseases in the presence of molds. Molds basically produce spores which are accumulated in the air. The air inhaled by the individuals as consume spores which act as irritants and cause complications. Normally, the body’s immune system to counter the effects of these allergens. But people with a weak immune system gets prone to chronic respiratory diseases. The asthmatic patients acquire a severe constriction of bronchioles and heavy breathing problems because of mold spores. Also, there is bronchitis and some type of pneumonia, which can be caused due to inhalation of certain mold spores.

Hypersensitivity Pneumonia

It is also a disorder caused due to mold spores. It reacts with the body and elevates the allergy. People with hypersensitivity are most affected by this. The immune system plays a role in this phenomenon. The hypersensitivity is due to improper functioning of the immune system. Normally, with the onset of a disease, the immune system activates and counter-attacks. But there are some cases in which a small allergen which might not be so much harm can activate the whole immune system of the body. It, in turn, harms the body cells and causes rashes all over the body. However, hypersensitivity pneumonia mainly involves the respiratory tract.

This needs immediate medical attention or the condition can worsen. It includes restriction of bronchi and bronchioles and also if left unchecked for days, it can lead to lung collapse. These are the diseases which lead to chronic diseases or death. So, consult your physician right away if you see signs and symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonia.

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Protection Against Molds in House

Molds in house can be very pesky and hard to get rid of. But there are ways through which you can eliminate them. You can use household mold removing products. These are designed specifically for the removal of house molds. The molds indoors are easy to remove and do not require much work. But if the whole wall or a greater area is affected by the molds or mildew then you should contact a professional. Because there is a risk for you to acquire a respiratory disorder or any other serious complications. However, if the mold is only at a corner of the room, or in a small portion you can remove it yourself using the mold killing solution and cloth.


Bleach can be very helpful in the remove of indoor molds. Bleach kills them off and cleans your house at the same time. However, these re prevention you must take before applying bleach on the affected area. Do not mix bleach with other mold killing products. It will produce fumes which can prove to be fatal for you. Use non-porous gloves and eyewear before cleaning off with bleach. Also, never use bleach with ammonia or ammonia products. It will produce toxic fumes which can severe disturbance in your body’s metabolism and also affect the respiratory tract.

Dry Fog System

Considering all of the health hazards of chemicals and cleaning supplies, we recommend removing mold by use our state of the art dry fog system. It’s a much safer and more effective alternative to harsh cleaning supplies. Not only does PuriCleanse offer Maryland’s most affordable mold remediation, but we’ll happily provide an air quality test! Contact us today for a free consultation and have your mold in house removed!