Are you asking yourself Why do I need mold testing in my property? If you are facing a mold problem in your house then the first question that comes in your mind is that why do you need mold testing in your property? Why it is important to do mold testing in your house? If you need a professional to get mold testing in your house? The answers to all these questions decide whether you are going to have the mold testing in your property or not.

Why do I need Mold Testing

Mold testing is actually a procedure that involves taking a small sample of the air or surface of your house and then testing it to check the type of the molds in your house and their capability to grow in that particular area. Molds are referred to the fungal growth that is developed on the wet materials. Molds are not so dangerous but their indoor growth should be avoided.

Do you need mold testing or not?

In this article, we are going to share all about the necessity of mold testing and the other facts and fictions about mold testing. In comparison with the market, the other companies are never going to share all this information with you because of their selling intent but we are here to provide you with all the necessary details about the mold testing in your property as our purpose is to make you aware about the facts and combat all the misinformation that is prevailing in the society.

Why do I need mold testing?

Mold testing or mold inspection:

First of all, when you find molds in your house then it is just unnecessary to get mold testing in your house as it is just a waste of money and time as you have already found the molds in your property. When you have seen the visible molds in your house then it is completely an insane act to get the mold testing. However, you need to do the procedure to get rid of these molds from your house. In addition to these, the mold tests that you can get from the hardware stores are of no use. You have to get it from a proper mold testing company.

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Moreover, when you see molds into your house and then go to the mold testing company for getting the mold test in your property in order to know about the mold as what type of mold this is, are they dangerous for you and how to get their removal from your house? In such a case, many companies will only provide you the tests by getting a large amount of money. There are commendable companies also but they are only a few. Most of the companies will only get the profit from the people who are worried about the presence of mold in their house.

Seeing the visible presence of molds does not let you check their type but the thing that actually matters is its removal. Do not waste your money on getting to know about the type of molds in your house. However, do the right things to get these molds out of your house. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about them as to why there are in your house. They are only there due to the wet area in your house. You just have to do the proper steps in order to remove it.

When the mold inspection is considered?

There are many cases when the mold testing or the mold inspection is necessary and you have to get it done properly. Some of the cases have been described below:

  • When you have the smell of the molds but they are not visible and you can’t see it from your eye. In this situation, you have to do the mold inspection in order to know about its type and the place, where it is actually in the house.
  • Many times you can face the problem of leaking water taps in your house. In this case, you must have to check whether the molds are present at the place or not.
  • In some situations, the doctor detects the mold symptoms in you when you are ill. In this case, you have to get mold testing to confirm it.
  • When you have get the molds removed of your house then the post-mold testing is necessary in order to check that whether the issue of molds have been resolved or not and whether they are still present in your property or not.
  • When there are disputes among landlords that whether the molds are present in the property or not then itis a good option to have a mold test for confirmation.
  • In offices, you can have the mold test for the health concerns of the buyers and the sellers.
  • In a situation when you have seen a mold but are not sure whether it is there or not.
  • If you are interested in the general Indoor air quality test then you must get a mold test first.

All these situations are there to help you with the decision of getting the mold test or not. If you are facing any of the above situations then you must get a mold-inspection test to be sure of their presence.

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Mold test kits are just a waste:

Mold test kits are just a waste of time and money as they don’t provide the correct results. It can happen that you have the molds into your house but the kit proves that you don’t have any. Therefore, you do not rely on the results of these kits, however, you should get the professional mold testing service in order to get the correct results. Don’t waste your money on these kits!

Situations that need mold testing

There are a lot of situations that need mold testing but some of them are:

  • Experiencing allergic symptoms
  • Smell a musty odor
  • Plumbing leaks or water issues
  • Concerned about air quality test
  • See a mold but not sure about it

Always get a professional mold testing service whenever you need it!