Why the Entire Home Must Be Treated for Mold

One questions we get asked a lot during mold remediation and removals is, “Why does my entire home have to be treated for mold?”

Since you only see mold in one little spot in your home, it’s easy to think that we should only treat that room. However, treating one area won’t be treating your mold problem. Here’s why.

The Hazard is in the Air

When you see a mold spot on your bathroom ceiling (or any other place), it isn’t the only place that mold exists on your property. In fact, when you see a physical mold spot in your home, that’s just a symptom that you may have a mold problem—it’s not the problem itself. The real danger is in the air.

While you might only see the mold problem in one little spot, the mold spores could be floating all around your house, especially if it gets into your HVAC system. Airborne mold spores can cause you to have allergic reactions, irritation of skin, nose, and eyes, congestion, respiratory problems, and more.

Because of this issue, at Puricleanse, we take the time to remediate your entire home because your entire house has probably already been exposed to mold spores. Walls, carpets, and other items in your home are all treated to ensure a successful, demolition-free mold remediation treatment.

What You Should Do if You Only Treat the Problem Area

As experts, we don’t recommend this route if you want clean air throughout your entire property. However, if done correctly, it can be effective. If you decide that you only want the “problem area” taken care of, there are a couple of things that you need to make sure happen. First of all, make sure that the company you use is running air scrubbers and getting your air clean throughout the property.

One way to make sure that this is done properly is to have the company run an air sample test. Have them do this beforehand to verify that you have a mold problem (sometimes you can have a stain without actually having a mold problem), and make sure that you run a test after the treatment. This ensures that the mold is actually out of your home and that the remediation was successful.

Stopping and Preventing Mold Problems Successfully

So, whether you decide to have your entire house treated with Puricleanse, or you just want the problem area fixed, make sure that some air tests are done to ensure your home has successful results at the end of your mold remediation journey.

If you have more questions on mold remediation and how Puricleanse can help, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you.